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Recorded discussions for grant-seeking faculty at Liberal Arts Colleges

Members of the Colleges of Liberal Arts Sponsored Programs (CLASP) have hosted a series of webinars in recent years aimed at offering guidance to faculty at liberal arts colleges interested in pursuing some of the nation’s most prominent fellowship opportunities. Each webinar features a panel of faculty who have been successful in applying for these fellowship opportunities and/or a team of program officers with experience at liberal arts colleges. The goal of these discussions is to give interested faculty a sense of how colleagues at other liberal arts colleges have approached these competitions. The webinars include panel discussions and question and answer sessions. Each webinar focuses on one particular funding opportunity. The recordings can be found below. For questions about these opportunities or for assistance in applying, please reach out to Beth Jager in the Office of Institutional Philanthropy.

  1. Ford Fellowship: Advice from Winners at Liberal Arts Colleges
  2. ACLS Fellowship: Advice from Winners at Liberal Arts Colleges
  3. Guggenheim Fellowship: Advice from Winners at Liberal Arts Colleges
  4. NSF CAREER: Advice from Winners at Liberal Arts Colleges
  5. NSF Mid-Career Advancement Award Discussion
  6. NEH Fellowship: Advice from Liberal Arts College Faculty

Access to GrantForward Subscription for all College Researchers

All CMC researchers have access to the College’s subscription with GrantForward, a grant search engine with advanced search features to assist in identifying funding opportunities tailored to specific research needs. Researchers can also create personalized profiles to receive periodic, personalized emails with grant recommendations. Researchers can activate an account through the College’s subscription.

Sponsored Research Newsletters

CMC’s grants team publishes a monthly sponsored research newsletter, sent to CMC faculty on the first Wednesday of every month. For access to past newsletters, please reach out to

Additional Resources