QCL Mentors

Daisy Achiriloaie
Daisy Achiriloaie ’24

Physics + Mathematics Double Major

Hi! I'm Daisy and I'm a sophomore Physics/Mathematics double Major from Scripps. I hope to help others find as much joy in physics and math as I do. I enjoy anything that has to do with fluids, optics, aviation, coding, inventing logic games, and building things!

Miles Baffour ’24
Miles Baffour ’24

Data Science

Hi, my name is Miles Baffour and I'm a Junior at CMC studying Data Science. I like to spend my free time working on programming projects, watching movies, and hanging out my friends. I look forward to meeting and helping you at the QCL.

Jonathan Becker ’24
Jonathan Becker ’24

IR/Chinese + CS Sequence

Hello! I'm Jonathan, and I'm a junior at CMC studying International Relations and Chinese with a Computer Science sequence. Outside of school, I enjoy filling my Github with wacky projects, making coffee, and reading.

Liann Beilicki ’24.
Liann Bielicki ’24

Data Science and PPE

Hello! My name is Liann Bielicki and I'm a senior at CMC studying Data Science and PPE. In my free time, I like to read and knit, although not at the same time.

Andrew Blelloch ’25.
Andrew Blelloch ’25

Economics & Engineering

I grew up in San Francisco, California where I loved to run, bike, surf, and ski. Currently, I run Track & Field and Cross Country at CMC where I am a Junior.

Monica Cheng
Monica Cheng ’24

Mathematics, Economics/Economics & Engineering

Monica is a senior from Claremont McKenna College. QCL has become her favorite work spot on campus. You will also find her doing theatre and listening to music outside of the QCL. Looking forward to meeting everyone this year!

Otis Fischer ’26
Otis Fischer ’26


Hi! I'm Otis, a freshman from CMC. I'm majoring in Economics-Engineering. I like to play soccer and the double bass (big cello). I also love cooking and am looking forward to working with everyone.

Ivey Gehring ’26.
Ivey Gehring ’26

Math/Economics Dual Major

Loves Math.

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Kate Graham ’24

Physics and Cognitive Science

Hello! I am a senior at Scripps College, I play the violin in the orchestra and am on the premed track, I have a golden doodle named Luna, and I love sailing and spending time in coffee shops :)

Sara Habaibeh
Sara Habaibeh ’25

Engineering - Economics

Hello, My name is Sara Habaibeh and I am a freshman at CMC. I am in the 3-2 program ..for now.. and I hope I can be as helpful as possible to all of you!

Caro Harwell ’24.
Caro Harwell ’24


Hi! My name is Caro and I am a senior Math major and Environmental Science minor at Pitzer! I am from Nashville, Tennessee. Outside of class, I love to hike and spend time outdoors. Otherwise, you can almost always find me at the Grovehouse, Motley, or Somecrust:)

Alex Horban
Alex Horban ’24

Data Science, Math

Hiiii I'm Alex and I'm from Ukraine. Come talk to me about math, coding, anime, dogs, or literally anything else.

Sophia Huang
Sophia Huang ’24

Data Science and Math

Hi all! My name is Sophia, and I'm a senior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in data science and math. Outside of school, I'm a big fan of wasting my screen time on Yelp, Spikeball, Catan, and reality shows such as Masterchef, the Bachelor Franchise, and Survivor. I'm excited to work with you all this semester!

Christopher Ibarra ’24
Christopher Ibarra ’24

Economics and Engineering

Hi y'all! I'm Chris & I am a CMC junior from Dallas, Texas. I love to talk about anything physics, DIY projects, or engineering related. I am a huge car enthusiast and have my own project car that I have modified by myself. Feel free to stop by to ask for help either in class or with your own projects!

Armina Kardashyan ’26.
Armina Kardashyan ’26

Economics and Mathematics with a minor in Data Science

Hi, my name is Armine. I'm a sophomore at CMC studying economics and mathematics with a sequence in data science. I am an Armenian who was born in Moscow, Russia but have lived most of my life in Anchorage, Alaska, so I grew up with a very multicultural experience. Outside of classes, I love traveling and experiencing as many things as each country has to offer. From the food to the museums to the theatres, you can find me immersing myself within the culture to learn something new! At the QCL, I am looking forward to help everyone with their math problems! :)

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Joyce Kim ’23


Hi! My name is Joyce, and I am studying chemistry at CMC! I am from Las Vegas, and I love to golf during my free time.

Ivan Kolesnikov
Ivan Kolesnikov ’25

Economics and Mathematics

Hi! My name is Ivan, and I'm from Moscow, Russia. My non-academic interests include guitar, poker, soccer, gaming, and swimming. I'm very excited to share my passion for Mathematics with everyone else!

Yukan Kong ’24.
Yuhan Kong ’24

Psychology and Economics

Hi! My name is Yuhan, and I am studying psychology and economics at CMC.

Brian Lee
Brian Lee ’24


I'm Brian, and I'm studying physics and math. I love learning more about both subjects, specifically classical electricity and magnetism and any mathematical theory. In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, walking, and feeding cats sashimi on kitty collector! Feel free to ask my anything - I love helping and exploring almost any line of inquiry.

Kaia Lee-Guest ’26.
Kaia Lee-Guest ’26

Economics and Biophysics

Hi! I'm Kaia, and I am a sophomore at CMC dual majoring in Economics and Biophysics. In my free time, I love hiking and exploring coffee shops. I'm looking forward to working with everyone, so please feel free to stop by and ask me anything!

Perri McElvain ’25.
Perri McElvain ’25

Psychology and Data Science

I'm Perri, a junior at CMC studying psychology and data science. I love statistics because it helps me set up and better understand the outcomes of experiments. As you navigate Psych Stats, I aim to be a helpful resource and boost your confidence in the subject! I'm excited to meet you.

Claire Meier-Scherling ’25
Claire Meier-Scherling ’25

Data Science, Economics/Economics & Engineering

Hi, my name is Claire. I'm a junior at CMC studying economics and data science. I'm originally from Frankfurt, Germany :) Outside of classes and tutoring, you will find me playing pickleball!

Emma Munoz-Paisano
Emma Munoz-Paisano ’24

Data Science

Hello hello! My name is Emma Munoz, and I'm a junior at CMC majoring in data science. I love numbers and coding, so I look forward to helping you out this year! My hobbies include embroidery, hanging out with friends, and exploring restaurants!

Paloma Oliveri ’26.
Paloma Oliveri ’26

Science Management

Hey! My name is Paloma and I'm a sophomore at CMC majoring in Science Management. Some favorite pastimes of mine are power yoga, hiking, caring for my rabbit, and (of course) explaining Calculus. I'm looking forward to working with everyone at the QCL!

Ashirt Panditaradyula ’25.
Ashrit Panditaradyula ’25

CS/Math Concentration: Econonomics

Hello, my name is Ashrit. I am a Junior studying CS/Math at HMC from Reseda, California. I like to talk about basketball, listen to music, watch movies/TV shows(currently watching Suits), and play video games. I also love teaching math and computer science. I am also trying to learn how to speak Hindi so if you guys know how to speak the language, try to ask me questions in Hindi!

Nadia Schwartz Bolef ’24.
Nadia Schwartz Bolef ’24

Self-Designed Astrophysics Major and Dance Minor

Hello! My name is Nadia and I am an Astrophysics major and Dance minor at Scripps College. I love applying math and physics to learn about the universe! Outside of academics, you can find me choreographing/rehearsing for the Scripps and Pomona dance department performances, cooking, and taking care of my many plants. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the QCL!

Joy Shin.
Joy Shin (Grad Student)

Math Ph.D.

Hi! I'm Joy and I'm a second year grad student at CGU. I'm here to help you with any questions you have regarding math and have fun along the way. I enjoy anything that has to do with pure math (and some applications), hiking, working with kids, plants, and cooking good food!

Aryan Totawat
Aryan Totawat ’24

Economics and PPE

I'm Aryan and I'm a junior at CMC from Dubai. I enjoy the challenge of wrapping my head around math concepts, and I'm eager to help others do the same at the QCL. Aside from that, I enjoy following sports from soccer to Formula 1, listening to mind-numbing rap music, and watching documentaries or true-story thrillers.

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