QCL Mentors

Andrea Amaya
Andrea Amaya ’20

Major: Economics and Philosophy

Andrea is a senior from Burbank, California. Outside of working at the QCL, Andrea is also involved in the admissions office, ASCMC, and the CARE Center. In her free time she likes to play Just Dance, eat cheese, and ride her bike. If you’re looking for something to talk to Andrea about, she is very passionate about conspiracy theories, ethics, and ranch.

Erin Burke
Erin Burke ’21

Major: Computer Science

Erin is a junior from New York majoring in Computer Science. On-campus, she works as an Associate Director for the Claremont Consulting Group, the Professional Development Manager at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a grader/tutor at Harvey Mudd. Outside of work, you can find her building web apps, reading books about design and psychology or rewatching Bojack Horseman.

Miriam Caron
Miriam Caron '22

Major: Physics with minor in Mathematics

Miriam is a Pitzer sophomore from Portland, Oregon studying physics and math. When she is not studying you are most likely to find her at the local rock climbing gym, playing the banjo on her porch, or reading a book of short stories in the sun.

Richy Chen
Richy Chen ’20

Major: Computer Science and Economics

Tutoring topic: Computer Science

I'm a junior from the Bay Area who likes reading biographies, traveling, and looking at cool architecture. On campus, I am most involved in the Claremont Consulting Group and the Lowe Institute of Political Economy. I am always excited about doing a CS-related project on campus, so feel free to contact me if you want to do one too.

Valerie Chiang
Valerie Chiang ’21

Major: Economics & Engineering (3+2 program)

Valerie is a 3+2 major from the Bay Area who enjoys food blogging, baking, and Frisbee. Outside of the QCL, she is involved in Claremont Women in Business and Society of Physics Students.

Emma David
Emma David '21

Major: Economics and Psychology dual major

On campus, Emma is a Research Associate at the Kravis Leadership Institute. She is currently taking a hip hop class at Pomona in case her degree in psychology and economics doesn't work out. In her free time, Emma enjoys watching movies, longboarding, and exploring new foods.

Aryaman Gulati ’22

Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics with a Data Science sequence

Over the course of high school, Aryaman developed a passion for mentoring. This was the direct result of teaching at Literacy India and at the Aman Foundation. His international experience in the UAE, London, and Singapore, has helped Aryaman develop a culturally diverse point of view and enabled him to adapt to and flourish in new environments. In his free time, Aryaman watches and supports Arsenal in the Premier League, reads the Economist, and enjoys spending time with friends.

Natasha Harrison
Natasha Harrison '20

Major: Public Health/Science, Technology, Society

Passionate about the intersection between Epidemiology, Biostatistics/Data Science, and AI. I am most interested in exploring data and building predictive models to drive a meaningful change within healthcare.

Amanda Huang
Amanda Huang ’21

Major: Economics and Computer Science

On campus, Amanda is a student manager at the Lowe Institute of Political Economy, and works as a grader/tutor for Data Structures. She loves reading about history and can be seen outside the Hub waiting for twin dogs to pass.

Yusuf Ismaeel
Yusuf Ismaeel ’21

Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics

From a tiny island in the Middle East called Bahrain. Loves long walks on the beach with his pet iguana.

Tony Jiang
Tony Jiang ’20

Major: Computer Science and Economics

Interested in tech, AI, and smart mobility. Play piano and like to travel. Involved in the Lowe Institute and the CIE on campus. Favorite classes are CS5 &70 at Mudd, and Prof. Garin's Econ 102 at CMC.

Jinhyuk Kim
Jinhyuk Kim ’22

Major: Economics and Engineering

Tutoring topics: Calculus I, II, III

I do a capella and golf.

Yao Li
Yao Li ’20

Major: Mathematics and Economics

Tutoring topic: Mathematics

Aside from tutoring math, Yao is also a member of Claremont Women In Business and a research assistant at the Lowe Institute. Outside of school and on-campus activities, she really enjoys cooking and baking.

Patricio Madero
Patricio Madero ’21

Major: Economics with a Financial Sequence

Tutoring topics: Calculus and Linear Algebra.

Patricio wants everyone to know that he loves math, and will be tutoring Calculus and Linear Algebra.

Vasu Rai
Vasu Rai ’21

Major: Economics and Computer Science

I grew up in India. On-campus I do research for the Lowe Institute of Political Economy. I am interested in Finance, and machine learning. Love running Monte-Carlo simulations.

Eunice Song
Eunice Song ’20

Psychology with a Legal Studies Sequence

In 10 years she will have 5 dogs and be living her best life.

Mia Syme
Mia Syme ’21

Major: Physics and Computer Science

Aside from QCL mentoring and classwork I enjoy reading, painting and surfing. I compete for the CMS swim team and track team. My favorite TV show is Sherlock. My favorite class I've taken is Modern Physics.

Abel Leulseged Tadesse
Abel Leulseged Tadesse ’19

Major: Applied Math & Computer Science Major with Data Science Sequence

I love playing soccer, reading fantasy fiction, and watching movies.

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin
Sascha Wolf-Sorokin ’22

Major: Undecided

Tutoring topic: Calculus

I am a freshman from Boston. Outside of working at the QCL and school, I can be found relaxing outside, taking a walk through campus, or watching The Office.

Jason Yi
Jason Yi ’20

Major: Economics & Engineering (3+2 Program)

I was born on the east coast but lived most of my life in California. One of my favorite hobbies is hip hop dancing. As a result, I am also a part of the 5C Groove Nation Dance Crew. Some of my other hobbies include photography and guitar.

Mentor Alumni 

Mackenzie Bradford ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Econ-Accounting and Finance


Jack Huang ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Economics and Science Management with Computer Science Sequence


Adonis Lu ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Mathematics with CS Sequence


Michele Pashby ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Computer Science and History


Lan Phan ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Applied Mathematics & Financial Economics


Matthew Psaltakis ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Applied Mathematics and Economics


Kelly Watanabe ’20

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Biophysics


Kai Vogel ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Philosophy and Public Affairs


Won Sang (Mike) Yoo ’19

QCL Experience:

Degree Awarded: Mathematics and Economics