How Registration Appointments are Determined

Registration appointments are assigned according to the following protocol:

  1. For each registration period, seniority determines your registration day. Seniors register on day 1, juniors on day 2, etc. Seniority is based on each student’s graduation year.
  2. When students first enroll at CMC, we divide the entering class into quartiles called “priority groups.” Priority groups are system-generated based on student ID numbers. Your priority group determines the portion of the day during which you register and this priority group sticks with you for your entire career at CMC. Priority groups rotate sequentially every registration cycle. See the priority group rotation order below.
  3. Specific registration appointments within a priority group are randomly generated for every registration cycle.

In the list below, you can see how each priority group's registration time will rotate during eight consecutive semesters at CMC.

Priority Group 1

  • Freshman Fall: early morning
  • Freshman Spring: late morning
  • Sophomore Fall: early afternoon
  • Sophomore Spring: late afternoon
  • Junior Fall: early morning
  • Junior Spring: late morning
  • Senior Fall: early afternoon
  • Senior Spring: late afternoon

Priority Group 2

  • Freshman Fall: late morning
  • Freshman Spring: early afternoon
  • Sophomore Fall: late afternoon
  • Sophomore Spring: early morning
  • Junior Fall: late morning
  • Junior Spring: early afternoon
  • Senior Fall: late afternoon
  • Senior Spring: early morning

Priority Group 3

  • Freshman Fall: early afternoon
  • Freshman Spring: late afternoon
  • Sophomore Fall: early morning
  • Sophomore Spring: late morning
  • Junior Fall: early afternoon
  • Junior Spring: late afternoon
  • Senior Fall: early morning
  • Senior Spring: late morning

Priority Group 4

  • Freshman Fall: late afternoon
  • Freshman Spring: early morning
  • Sophomore Fall: late morning
  • Sophomore Spring: early afternoon
  • Junior Fall: late afternoon
  • Junior Spring: early morning
  • Senior Fall: late morning
  • Senior Spring: early afternoon