FAQs About Sponsored Research

At CMC, sponsored research refers to any project that is funded through U.S. government sources, regardless of the agency and including both grants and contracts. CMC also supports applications for corporate and foundation grants.

The sooner the better! As soon as you have identified a potential grant opportunity, please notify the Office of Sponsored Research. This allows OSR to review the program announcement, help you mitigate any potential issues that could impact your success, and to assist with budget preparation. The more time you have put into your proposal, the better the odds of funding. Generally speaking, OSR appreciates being notified about proposals one month prior to the submission deadline.

In addition to speaking with staff in the Offices of Sponsored Research and Foundation and Corporate Relations, the following on-line sources are very helpful.

  • Grants.gov provides an excellent search engine that allows anyone to search for grant opportunities via funding opportunity number, keyword, agency, etc. Stay informed regarding new and updated opportunities by subscribing to email notifications.
  • Search for funding opportunities with the National Science Foundation using keywords.
  • Search for funding opportunities with the National Institutes of Health using keywords.
  • Grant opportunities with the National Endowment for the Humanities are listed in alphabetical order.

Yes. You must notify the Office of Sponsored Research that you intend to submit a grant application. Prior to submission of the grant, a CMC Federal Grants Proposal Review Form (PRF) must be completed including the signatures of the Dean of the Faculty, the Director of Budgeting and Grants Administration, etc. If the grant will include release time, you must have your departmental chair’s approval and the approval of the Dean of the Faculty prior to submission of the grant.

The Office of Sponsored Research can provide the institutional information you will need. The Director of Budgeting and Grants Administration in the Office of the Treasurer can provide any additional financial and/or budgetary information you may need.

Yes. The College returns 25% of the indirect costs it receives to the PI. It may be used for the grant or for other professional related expenses.

No. All government grants must be submitted electronically by the College, normally through the Office of Sponsored Research. Non-government grants are normally submitted by the Office of Foundations and Corporate Relations.

Yes. Do not be discouraged if you are denied funding. You should review the comments you received from the agency’s reviewers, try to incorporate them into a revised proposal, and resubmit. We have several examples of proposals being funded after more than one resubmission.

You can apply for a no-cost extension from the granting agency. Normally, these are approved without question for an additional year.

It is possible to apply for an additional period with additional funding.