Preparing for Registration

All students must obtain advisor clearance in order to register for classes. Your advisor must clear you to register via his/her faculty portal system. Many advisors like to meet with you in person to discuss your classes and your plans going forward. For other advisors, an email conversation will suffice. Make sure to initiate the conversation with your advisor well in advance of your pre-registration appointment. You will not be able to obtain clearance from anyone other than your very own academic advisor.

If you have a hold on your registration from Student Accounts, Financial Aid, the Library, or any other campus office, make sure to clear that hold prior to your registration appointment. If you have a hold in place, you will not be able to pre-register for courses or make changes to your schedule during open registration periods. Contact the office that placed the hold to determine what you need to do to resolve the issue.

The PERM (Permission to Enroll Registration Management) system allows faculty to manage registration in their courses. The PERM system is available to students and faculty using the portal as soon as the course schedule is available for any given semester. There are many conditions under which a student may need to obtain permission to enroll in a course, including:

  • If the student does not meet the course requirements or pre-requisites,
  • If the course is full,
  • If there are cross-registration restrictions on the course that exclude the student,
  • If the instructor wants to individually approve every student wishing to take a course,
  • Pre-registration has concluded. *

* Most courses require instructor permission once pre-registration ends and registration reopens for all students.

Requesting PERMission does not automatically guarantee the student a seat in the course. There are a number of occasions when faculty may not grant permission, and there are different levels of approval. Faculty may:

  • Approve the PERM as long as there are open seats in the course,
  • Approve the PERM even if the course is closed, **
  • Approve the PERM until a specified expiration date,
  • Deny the PERM,
  • Rescind approval of a previously approved PERM,
  • Upgrade or downgrade approval level, or
  • Ignore the PERM entirely.

** In fall, there is a hard-cap limit to each course that prevents all further enrollments regardless of what level of PERM approval is granted.

Some courses require a form to register. Senior thesis, independent studies, internships (web form), courses that require auditions, music lessons, and graduate level courses at CGU or KGI all require a special form in order to sign up for the course. Just complete the appropriate forms and bring them to the Registrar’s Office at or after your pre-registration appointment. If you need assistance for any reason, you are welcome to come into the Registrar’s Office at or after your pre-registration appointment for help.

Note for seniors: You do not have to register for your senior thesis during pre-registration. Senior Thesis Topic Forms are accepted until the Add Deadline each semester.