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Christine Crockett
Christine Crockett Ph.D.

Director of The Center for Writing and Public Discourse
Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature

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Christine Crockett (CMC ’01) is the Director of the Center for Writing and Public Discourse and a Visiting Professor of Literature at Claremont McKenna College. As the Director of the CWPD, Christine encourages students from all disciplines to communicate effectively and to be mindful of the ways in which their writing is part of public discourse. She finds it exciting and profoundly rewarding to be actively involved in the writing life, both as a scholar and as a resource for other writers at the very college where she earned her undergraduate degree. Her research interests include Eighteenth-Century literature and culture, Gothic literature, medical history, and writing studies. Her publications include “Medical Gothic: Genre and Gender Bending in Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya,” which appears in a special edition of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, and “‘The Monster Vice,’” an examination of disability and Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein in Body and Mind: Essays on Disability in Gothic Literature. Christine has presented her work at conferences internationally and is currently working on a book project titled Medical Gothic, an exploration of the discursive exchange between medical literature and the Gothic novel during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Mellissa Martinez
Mellissa Martinez

Mellissa Martinez is the Assistant Director of Multilingual Writing for Claremont McKenna College. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Language Studies. In addition to teaching English for over two decades in the United States, Japan, Italy and Guatemala, she has also taught Spanish, Italian and Linguistics in a variety of settings. Her syndicated column, Lex in the City, is in its fourth year of publication at The Claremont Courier. In this monthly publication, Mellissa explores the fascinating world of linguistics and the interconnectedness of language families. As a language writer, she has been invited to speak at local community colleges and organizations and in 2009, she was awarded second place in the nation for “Best Humorous Column” from The National Newspaper Association. A teacher, writer and language lover, Mellissa shares her contagious love of writing and words with Claremont McKenna College students from around the world.

Megan Gallagher
Megan Gallagher Ph.D.

Megan Gallagher is the Assistant Director for the Center for Writing and Public Discourse at Claremont McKenna College. She has a background in English literature and TESOL and holds a PhD in English literature with an emphasis in early modern studies from Claremont Graduate University. She currently teaches “Post-Apocalyptic Humanity” as a First-year Writing Seminar at CMC. Additionally, Megan has taught composition at undergraduate, graduate, and JD levels and has taught in intensive English language learning programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Her research interests range from print culture and history, early modern editorial practice, and early modern drama to social justice in higher education pedagogy and culture.

Chloe Martinez
Chloe Martinez Ph.D.

Chloe Martinez is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Writing and Public Discourse at Claremont McKenna College, as well as Lecturer and Fellow in Sikh Studies in CMC's Department of Religious Studies. A scholar of South Asian religions and a poet, Chloe holds the PhD in Religious Studies and two Master's degrees in Creative Writing. Her poems have been anthologized and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and appear in Waxwing, The American Journal of Poetry, The Normal School, and many other magazines. A former Mellon Mays Fellow, her research has appeared in The Medieval History Journal and South Asia. She is at work on her first monograph, a book on religion and autobiography in pre-modern and modern South Asia.