Frequently Asked Questions

Making an appointment at the Center for Writing and Public Discourse.

Setting up a Free Account: Click on the “First visit? Register for an account” link. The system will ask you for some basic information. Please be sure to fill this information out accurately and thoroughly. Your information will not be shared.

Viewing the Schedule: The schedule is organized by day and time slots available for each tutor. The schedule always has the current day at the top of the list. White blocks indicate an available appointment; blue and maroon blocks indicate an unavailable time slot; gray blocks indicate a time that has already passed. Appointments are 45 minutes, which includes time for debriefing and agenda setting.

Scheduling an Appointment: Click on a white block for the time and tutor you would like to reserve. You will be asked to fill in the course, the instructor's name, and a brief explanation for what you would like to work on.  Once you have done this click "Save Appointment.” Once your appointment has been entered the corresponding white block will turn gold.

“Waitlist” option: If you would like to join the waitlist for an appointment time that has been reserved by another student, click on the small clock figure associated with the day of your preferred appointment and fill in the required information. Select “Join the waiting list.” You will be notified via email (and text if you have opted for text notifications) if your preferred appointment time becomes available.

Cancelling your appointment: Please cancel at least three hours prior to your appointment. If you are ten minutes late to your scheduled appointment it may be given to another student. To cancel your appointment online, simply log into our scheduling system, click on the appointment you want to cancel (gold box), and select “cancel appointment.”

No-Show Policy: Our scheduling system will contact you (via email and/or text) if you miss a scheduled appointment. If you repeatedly miss scheduled appointments your account may be put on hold until you speak with the director. Frequently missed appointments make it difficult for us to serve the CMC community effectively and we would like to work on solution with you for making future appointments.

Multilingual Appointments:
 Multilingual students wanting to make an appointment with Megan should use the drop-down menu to select the current semester’s multilingual appointment schedule. If you need help using WCOnline, you may drop by Center for Writing and Public Discourse in Kravis 101 and a staff member will assist you.

Repeat Visits: We encourage you to visit the CWPD early in your writing process and often. However, we ask that you refrain from making back-to-back appointments for the same paper unless you have sought permission to do so from the Assistant Director or Director of the CWPD. Giving yourself “revision time” between visits ensures that you can make independent and meaningful progress on your assignment based on the feedback you receive during your first appointment. We also ask that you schedule no more than three visits with a consultant per paper. Seniors who wish to schedule repeat appointments for senior thesis can do so with their consultant during their first visit.