These dashboards provide summary information about alumni outcomes, including post-graduate degrees and first destination information at 6-months after CMC completion. Graduate degree information comes from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) StudentTracker service. First destination information knowledge rates are over 80% based on data collected from alumni surveys, LinkedIn data scraping, and OPT records.

  • Approximately 84% of alumni are employed full-time, part-time, in a service program or serving in the military, with over 12% enrolling in graduate programs. Four percent are seeking employment at six months after graduation.
  • The most common degrees earned after CMC are masters or law degrees and MBAs, but many alumni also obtain others including PhDs and MDs from prestigious schools in the US.
  • Students are employed in a variety of interest clusters, the most popular being Accounting & Financial Services and Consulting and Technology & Entrepreneurship.
  • The median starting salaries for 2020 graduates is $76,000