What is Qualtrics?

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is Web-based survey software available for use by all CMC Faculty, Students and Staff to support teaching and research at CMC. Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with a CMC email account.

How can I use Qualtrics?

Use of Qualtrics software requires a CMC email account login and password. You must use the CMC Qualtrics web form to log in or create an account. If you go to the public Qualtrics website and create a trial account, any surveys you create or data you collect will not be accessible from the CMC Qualtrics site. When using Qualtrics, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are the recommended web browsers; problems have been encountered when using Internet Explorer.

How do I get a Qualtrics account?

Anyone with a CMC email account can create a Qualtrics account. Enter your first and last name, email address (firstname.lastname@claremontmckenna.edu), email login and email password. You can only create one account. To log in to Qualtrics once the account has been created, use your CMC email address (firstname.lastname@claremontmckenna.edu) as a login and your email password.

What if I am already using Survey Monkey?

ITS will continue to support existing Survey Monkey users for the remainder of this academic year, but will phase out Survey Monkey support by June, 2014. We’re presently investigating how best to export/import surveys from Survey Monkey to Qualtrics. So far, we have found that Qualtrics imports well from text files, but Survey Monkey survey files do not download in that format. We’ve found it easier to build surveys from scratch in Qualtrics than to deal with the export, import, and clean-up it takes to get the survey in the same format.

What if I have questions about Qualtrics?

  1. If you are experiencing access problems (not able to create an account or not able to login to Qualtrics), please contact your campus support representative.
  2. Most questions can be answered by going to Qualtrics Survey University. The Qualtrics website offers an extensive set of online resources.
  3. Contact Qualtrics using e-mail.
  4. Contact Qualtrics by phone at 1-800-340-9194.

Qualtrics will respond to support telephone calls or e-mail contacts based on the order they are received and relative importance as reasonably determined by Qualtrics. Phone or e-mail assistance from Qualtrics is available during their normal business hours, 8:00am - 8:00pm Eastern Time on weekdays (Monday - Friday), except holidays. Limited e-mail support is available after hours and weekends.