5C Common Approved Class Timeslots

You can see diagrams for each CMC classroom on our website. Note that requests for courses at non-common timeslots must be approved by the Dean of Faculty. All courses must begin at a common start time, even if they end at different times (for labs, screenings, studios, discussions, etc.). If you need a printable PDF copy of the time slots, please contact our office.

One-Day per Week Options

M, T, W, or R Afternoons  2:45-5:30p
M, T, W, or R Evenings  6:00-9:00p
M, T, W, or R Evenings  6:30-9:30p
M, T, W, or R Evenings  7:00-10:00p
F Mornings  9:00-11:45a
F Afternoons  1:15-4:00p


Two-Day per Week Options

MW, TR, or WF Mornings  8:10-9:25a
MW, TR, or WF Mornings  9:35-10:50a
MW, TR, or WF Mornings  11:00a-12:15p
MW, TR, or WF Afternoons  1:15-2:30p
MW, TR, or WF Afternoons  2:45-4:00p
MW or TR Afternoons 4:15-5:30p
MW or TR Evenings 6:15-7:30p
MW or TR Evenings 7:45-9:00p


Three-Day per Week Options

MWF  Mornings  8:00-8:50a
MWF  Mornings  9:00-9:50a
MWF  Mornings  10:00-10:50a
MWF  Mornings  11:00-11:50a
MWF  Afternoons  12:30-1:20p
MWF  Afternoons  1:30-2:20p
MWF Afternoons 2:40-3:30p


Four-Day per Week Options

MTWR or TWRF Mornings  8:00-8:50a
MTWR or TWRF Mornings  9:00-9:50a
MTWR or TWRF Mornings  10:00-10:50a
MTWR or TWRF Mornings  11:00-11:50a