Academic Dishonesty Investigation Request

“The faculty of Claremont McKenna College is firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. Each faculty member has the responsibility to report cases of academic dishonesty to the Academic Standards Committee, which has the duty of dealing with cases of alleged academic dishonesty.”

— from the CMC Statement of Academic Integrity

If you suspect that an incident of academic dishonesty has occurred, the Academic Standards Committee needs the following information in order to conduct an investigation.

  1. A brief memo or email in which you request that the ASC investigate a possible incident of academic dishonesty: Include the names of the student(s) involved and the course(s) in which the offense may have occurred.
  2. An explanation of the nature of the offense you wish to have investigated: What do you believe has occurred and how do you think it happened?
  3. The suspect materials: for example, copies of student exams, papers, quizzes, homework assignments, etc.
  4. Any evidence or sources you have discovered supporting your suspicion: Whenever possible, it’s helpful for you to mark up the suspected source so that the Academic Standards Committee can more easily identify the corresponding passages in the student’s work. Faculty who need assistance with this task may request it from the Dean of the Faculty.
  5. A copy of the course syllabus and/or the prompt for the assignment in question, including any statements or instruction you issued regarding academic integrity: This helps the ASC understand the nature of the assignment, the constraints required for completing it, and how you’ve framed academic integrity within the context of your course.
  6. Copies of any correspondence you’ve had with the student(s) related to the matter, if available and apropos.

When you have assembled the above materials, please send them to the CMC Registrar. The Registrar will initiate CMC’s academic dishonesty procedures, as outlined in the Statement of Academic Policy. Please be aware that the materials you submit will be shared with the student for a response to the Academic Standards Committee.