Calculating Major GPA

The Office of the Registrar's student database does not calculate major GPAs for students, but you are welcome to calculate your own major GPA if you need to. If you have two majors, do not calculate a combined major GPA for both majors. Instead, calculate a major GPA for each major independently. If you have any questions, contact us!

Here are the steps to calculate your major GPA:

  1. Include all courses that count in your major, and also any other courses that could count in your major.
  2. Exclude transfer courses, courses taken abroad, AP or IB credit, and CR/NC-graded courses.
  3. Add the grade points for each course according to the grading system in the catalog. Grade points for any half- and quarter-unit courses should be multiplied by one half or one quarter.
  4. Divide the number of grade points by the number of course units attempted to find your major GPA.