Petition for Late Withdrawal

After the deadline to withdraw voluntarily from courses, students may petition for a late withdrawal, if documented circumstances beyond their control prevent them from completing a course. The student must submit completed petitions to the Registrar’s Office prior to the last day of classes.  Petitions must include a thorough explanation of the student’s circumstances and supporting documentation. The Registrar’s Office will obtain instructor input on each request.

Students may not request late withdrawals if they have taken the final exam or otherwise completed all major assignments for the course. Requests for late withdrawals will be considered in three situations:

  1. If no graded work was received by the student prior to the voluntary withdrawal deadline. In this case, the student must submit a petition for late withdrawal within seven days of the time when graded work was first made available by the instructor.
  2. If circumstances beyond a student’s control prevents completion of a course. In this case, the student must submit the petition for late withdrawal before the last day of classes.
  3. If serious illness or emergency (a) prevents a student from filing a petition before the last day of classes or (b) occurs after classes have ended, but prior to the final exam. In this case, the student must submit a petition for late withdrawal no later than one month into the next semester.

If the petition for late withdrawal is approved, the grade of W will be recorded on the student’s transcript. A grade of W does not indicate whether or not a student was in good standing in the course at the time of the late withdrawal. Students are required to comply with the terms specified in their late withdrawal decision letters in order to return to CMC for the subsequent semester.

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Full late withdrawal policy