Pre-Award Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of Institutional Philanthropy (OIP) provides pre-award support and general assistance to Claremont McKenna College for external funding, both private and federal. Below is a general outline of the roles and responsibilities of the OIP and the Principal Investigator.

Identifying Funding Opportunities

Roles and Responsibilities PI OIP
Identify funding opportunities  
Provide guidance and assist in search for funding opportunities  
Provide support in developing research ideas  


Proposal Preparation and Submission

Roles and Responsibilities PI OIP
Write technical narrative  
Identify subcontractors and request budget and workscope materials 1
Identify project costs and draft budget  
Provide guidance on and secure approval for the budget  
Provide guidance on proposal preparation/feedback on drafts  
If submitting a federal grant/contract, complete and ensure accuracy of the Proposal Routing Form and Financial Conflict of Interest Form 2
Upload documents to Fastland/other government application form or system 3  
Submit application 4  
  1. The PI will connect the OIP with subawardees/subcontractees and the OIP will then gather the necessary materials needed for the proposal.
  2. PI is responsible for signing, filling in basic information, and acquiring any regulatory approval (IRB, IACUC). The OIP assists with the completion of the form, Treasurer and Dean of the Faculty approval and signature.
  3. PI initiates the upload of documents. OIP is available to assist should there be any technical difficulties.
  4. In some cases, the program solicitation will require the PI to submit the proposal. The OIP will clearly communicate roles and responsibilities during pre-award meeting.