Submission Tips

Senior Thesis

Tips for Successful Senior Thesis Submission

  1. Spell Check. Really!
  2. Proof-Read. Spell check is helpful, but it won’t tell you that you used “there” when you should have used “their”.
  3. Double-Check your Title Page. Does it have the final version of the title? Is your reader’s name spelled correctly? Is your name spelled correctly? Do you have the right year at the bottom? Is the title Mixed Case? (Do not use ALL CAPS.)
  4. Plan Ahead. Don’t wait until Monday morning to get your thesis bound. The Connection in Honnold/Mudd Library can bind your thesis, as can any other local copy center.
  5. Bring Everything With You to Founders Room. This includes your bound thesis (one or two, depending on whether you have one or two faculty readers), an extra copy of your title page. These are required.
    1. Bound Thesis: Tape binding, clear front cover, black back cover.
    2. Title Page: Extra copy, separate from your bound thesis.
  6. Come Early. Don’t wait until 15 minutes before the deadline to leave your dorm room.
  7. Upload. This is required. You have 48 hours. You only need 10 minutes. Go!

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