Petition for Incomplete Grade

Students may petition for an incomplete grade when illness or other extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control prevents the completion of required work by the due date at the end of the semester. Petitions for incompletes are appropriate when students have actively participated in a course during the semester, but due to illness or other circumstances beyond their control, are not able to complete final assignments or final exams near the very end of the semester, after the voluntary withdrawal deadline has passed. Incomplete petitions are not appropriate for students who have missed a substantial number of classes or assignments, or who have completed all major requirements in a given course. If a student with qualifying circumstances has missed a substantial amount of work, the option of a late withdrawal from the course may be more appropriate.

Petitions for incompletes should be submitted before the last day of classes. In cases of serious illness or emergency, the student’s petition may be filed after the end of the semester. Incomplete grades are not given simply for failure by students to complete work on time, nor as a means of permitting students to raise grades by doing additional work after the due date for course work or for final grades. Students are responsible for filing incomplete petition forms, explaining all circumstances on which requests are based, and submitting all documentation to support their requests.

Incomplete grades will be removed and replaced with appropriate grades if all work is completed by the deadline specified in the student’s decision letter. It is the student’s responsibility to make appropriate arrangements with the instructor(s) so they can complete all assignments on time. If no grade is given to the Registrar’s Office by the due date, incomplete grades are automatically changed to the grade specified in the instructor’s original response to the petition. Students are required to comply with the terms specified in their incomplete decision letters in order to return to CMC for the subsequent semester. If you have any questions, please contact

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